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This course addresses the misconceptions about how the subject Social Studies is perceived and taught. It enables the student-teachers to examine the various conceptualizations of the subject and the implications of these conceptualizations for the teaching and learning of the subject. It also introduces student-teachers to the historical evolutions of the subject as well as democratic attitudes, values, and skills embedded in it. In addition, the course examines the relationship between Social Studies and citizenship education, the overriding goal of the subject. Other areas of focus include a study of the basic Social Studies curriculum and its implication for effective teaching of the subject.

The course will be taught using a variety of teaching techniques through an interactive engagement of student-teachers based on pedagogies such as shower thoughts, think, pair-share, debates and role-plays. The course also allows student-teachers to visit schools for work-based learning and experience. The assessment strategies of, for and as learning will include quizzes, assignments, presentations, project work and inspection of portfolios. (NTS 1a, 2c, NTECF pg 20; NTS 1e)

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